The Rhythm Book  

Rhythm Book

The Rhythm Book is a textbook intended for use in Advanced high school or college-level aural skills classes.  With 21 chapters and over 400 graded exercises it guides students from the very basics to the quite complex and can be used over 3 or 4 semesters in a typical undergraduate aural skills curriculum.

The book includes a variety of exercises including:
Single part
Ensemble (duets and trios)
Speak and clap
Layer exercises (with ostinato patterns)
Rhythmic poems
Rhythm written on staff notation

The files below include sample pages from each chapter for you to review.  For more information on ordering The Rhythm Book or adopting it as a textbook for your courses, please email: info@takadimi.net.

Rhythm Book sampler Intro
Rhythm Book sampler chapters 1 - 6
Rhythm Book sampler chapters 7 - 14

Rhythm Book sampler chapters 15 - 21

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