What Teachers Are Saying...  

“In just 3 weeks our students are reading rhythms better than they did before.  I wish I would have known about this method a LONG time ago!”

Kyle J. Weary
Vocal Music Department Lead Teacher
Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
Washington County Public Schools


“When I began working at a two-year college, I started teaching solfege, conducting, and Takadimi to my choruses in rehearsal.  I have found that Takadimi works extremely well as a ‘problem solver’ for working out complex passages.  It also makes the sightreading of simple rhythms a common-place occurrence for those with limited prior music-reading ability.”

Dominick DiOrio
Associate Professor of Music
Director of Choral Activities
Lone Star College-Montgomery


“After observing a middle school classroom performing rhythms using Takadmi, I decided that I should take the time to learn the method myself.  As a theorist, I was skeptical as to how Takadimi would work in the college-level classroom.  However, after one semester of use, I was immediately impressed with the musicality of the system.  My students were able to master lengthy dictations and were expressive in their performance of rhythmic passages.  I teach both traditional and commercial aural skills, and I found this system to work well in both environments!”

Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Director of Graduate Studies-Music
Appalachian State University


“The Takadimi method is groundbreaking. Combining Takadimi with the Kodaly method has revolutionized my teaching and my students learning.”
Nick Long
Author of The Secrets of Sight Singing Success (SSSS)



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